15 October 2019

“We can equally” competition requires creative solutions

Raising awareness of gender equality, gender stereotypes and gender discrimination among pupils and their teachers.

What do we want to achieve?

We encourage primary and secondary school students, but also their teachers, to think critically about gender equality in the whole community because education is an essential factor that can ensure effective suppression of gender stereotypes and ensure future equality.

The aim of the competition is for students, with the help of their teachers, to share with us the misconception about gender (in) equality and how they can solve this problem, in which the following guidelines can help them:

  • What do typical men and women / boys and girls look like?
  • Are there any differences between men and women / boys and girls?
  • Who are they hanging out with? What kind of friends do they have? How do they treat their friends?
  • What free activities and hobbies do they do?
  • Which schools do they go to? How are they at school?
  • Where do they work and what kind of work do they do?
  • What happens if we act like people of the opposite sex?

How to apply?

Students from the first to the fourth grade of primary school can participate by sending works of art dealing with issues of gender equality and gender stereotypes by mail to the office of the Croatian Community of Counties – Savska cesta 41, 10 000 Zagreb. During the preparation of the papers, help and creative guidance from the teacher is expected, and the papers are submitted with the obligatory consent of the parents. The consent form is available at the LINK. Each student can submit a maximum of three papers.


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