11 December 2019

Macedonian companies gained MAMFORCE Standard

The Day of Responsible Companies held today at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Skopje was marked by a commitment to promote human rights in business an emphasize companies that apply good practice and protect human rights at work. Companies that implement the MAMFORCE standard as a tool for gender equality are also recognized.

The event highlighted that companies influence human rights no matter where they are located and their business characteristics. They are responsible for respecting human rights in all segments of their working lives. Companies that only adhere to these obligations risk losing business.

The basic standard, which means that the organization has passed the evaluation system and that it has further work to do, was given to Kouzon, Farmahem, Replek, Ovation and Lyon, thus taking the first step towards achieving gender equality and upgrading family responsible business practices. The awards were presented by the author of the assessment method, Dianna K. Deskovich, who introduced the participants to the importance of gender equality for a successful business.

“International research shows that women are underrepresented in the market workforce, without leadership positions even though they are educated, which means that we lose untapped potential as societies. Economic analysis shows that by 2050 if gender-based strategies are implemented, EU GDP will increase by 9.6 per cent, “said Dianna K. Deskovich.

“Alkaloid”, “EVN”, “Inter Partes”, “Novomatic grupa MK” and “Prilep pivovara”, “Pharmachem”, “Cementarnica USJE” received recognition for their commitment to promoting human rights in business.

“We established the award to emphasize the importance of respecting human rights in business and to strengthen the commitment of our companies in this regard. We expect the established criteria to instruct companies on how to more effectively simplify their policies and practices to comply with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals. Today, almost all companies employ workers, have suppliers and business partners from abroad, including countries with poorly quoted human rights. They offer several products and services and must know how to ensure that they are not abused for human rights violations. That is why we have created a support package for companies that will help them identify the key human rights risks in their company and incorporate policies and measures to ensure that the risks are not realized, “said Nikica Kusinikova, CEO of Konekt.

Responsible working day activities are part of the European Union-funded project “Promoting Business and Human Rights”, implemented by Konekt in partnership with the Business Confederation and cooperation with the UN Global Compact network in Northern Macedonia.

Aktivnosti odgovornog radnog dana dio su projekta „Promicanje poslovanja i ljudskih prava“ koji financira Europska unija, a provodi ga Konekt u partnerstvu s Poslovnom konfederacijom i u suradnji s mrežom UN-a Global Compact u Sjevernoj Makedoniji.


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