Changing the way we work.
Improving quality of life.

The purpose of everything we do is to change the way of work so that all employees have an equitable chance for personal development and professional advancement and a sense that their work contributes to achieving business goals. We especially encourage the advancement of female talent.
fleksibilnim radnim uvjetima protiv stereotipa

Inspiring action

Our goal is to foster growth in meaningful ways, for more diverse, inclusive and equitable companies. Our methods offer quantifiable and measurable goals, and we offer the necessary tools to reach them. By providing each client with insights, clear data and strategies on how to make that shift, together we make a long-lasting impact.

mamforce method

Challenging stereotypes

We actively listen and create custom-made strategies using an evidence-based approach with a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data analysis. In-company data serve as the best mirror and an argument to challenge deeply rooted work patterns and gender-based stereotypes to make progress towards a culture of equity.

mamforce method
raznolikost i inkluizvnost u borbi za jednakost, pravičnost i odstupanje od stereotipa

Valuing diversity

Diversity makes us smarter, while inclusivity makes us richer in every sense. D&I is not only a matter of responsibility but essential for business. Working with our clients toward recognising the value of diversity, we help them to create effective teams and build a supportive organisational culture. Through the synergy of different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, we add value to our clients’ strategic challenges.


zadovoljstvo i samopouzdanje zaposlenika ovisi o korportivnoj kulturi i radnim uvjetima

Commitment to progress

We foster a growth mindset that prioritises the growth and gradual capacity-building of our clients. We appreciate dedicated work, but we are not perfectionists; we understand that some changes are more difficult than others. With commitment and a focus on continuous progress, nothing is impossible.

zadovoljstvo i samopouzdanje zaposlenika ovisi o korportivnoj kulturi i radnim uvjetima
na putu prema modernoj, inkluzivnoj i pravničnoj poslovnoj kulturi

Lasting impact

We work with our clients to make a meaningful organizational change and fully embrace diversity – the effects of our services are comprehensive and measurable. The impact of positive changes echoes in the improved wellbeing of our clients’ employees. The organisational changes we help to introduce serve as examples of best practices that trigger a chain reaction of change throughout society. This way, we create a lasting impact well beyond our client base, by changing culture norms, attitudes and embedded stereotypes.



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