Employer branding

“Your Culture Is Your Brand” – Tony Hsieh
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What is your purpose?

We approach the employer brand systematically, starting with the purpose and values that are the core of every organisation. If you don’t know where to start and how to create these important elements of your organisation’s identity, we are here for you. After 15+ years of ups and downs and numerous lessons learnt, we find it is easier to recognise which stories stand a chance in a sea of ideas and why your story would stand out from the rest.

Dobra radna atmosfera na raznolikom, pravičnom i rodno balansiranom radnom mjestu

Your culture is your brand

You’ve heard numerous times that every employee is a spokesperson for the organisation. We can confirm that – branding starts from the inside. Purpose and values are just the beginning, and their translation to the hearts and minds of employees is a milestone on the road of successful employer brand development. It would be too simple if everything was just about communication, it is about synergy too. To develop a brand strategy that relies on people management processes, internal communications and social responsibility, you need solid foundations. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

Dobra radna atmosfera na raznolikom, pravičnom i rodno balansiranom radnom mjestu
učinkovita i efikasna komunikacija na pravničnom radnom mjesu

Branding is in the eye of the beholder

If everything is done by the book, the culture you desire matches the culture you live – the image corresponds to the identity. For external recognition of the value of your brand, you require consistency of communication through appropriate channels. In 2021, it is both easier and harder to reach the spotlight because we are surrounded by noise. With our +20 years of experience in communications, marketing, people management and social responsibility, we know how to find our way through the most demanding mazes. Give us a call and together we will find the best approach for you.

timski rad na inkluzivnom i raznolikom radnom mjestu

A holistic approach to brand management

We use our science-based method and a range of individual tools for specific situations. Our method allows a holistic approach or flexible modular usage depending on specific needs. The goal is to organise complex tasks into clear and understandable tasks that are easy to manage. Our approach brings the end result that adds value to the existing brand and ensures a winning Employer Value Proposition. We contribute to your business success.

timski rad na inkluzivnom i raznolikom radnom mjestu


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