Industry Finance
Employees 3.799
Intesa Sanpaolo group – MAMFORCE Standard in GROW category

Intesa Sanpaolo group of Italy is the owner of the second-largest Croatian bank, PBZ. The bank has a long business continuity with about 190 branches and outlets on the territory of Croatia. PBZ employs 3,799 people, of which 73% are women and 27% are men. Women hold leadership positions in a very high percentage (50%). In lower management, women make up to 71% of employees, in middle management 56%, in senior management positions the representation of women is 39%, while in top management there is one female board member, which is 14%. PBZ systematically supports the further personal and professional development of its employees through the PBZ Business School program. On an annual basis, each employee spends an average of 49 hours per year in some form of training.

Industry Finance
Employees 3.799
  • Introducing additional flexible work arrangements
  • Developing additional support programs to promote WorkLife balance
  • Enabling a gradual return to work with additional flexible forms of work

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