Corporate Social Responsibility

The guiding principles of our work are responsibility, sustainability and impact. We continually compete with ourselves to leave a strong mark on the community.


By promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, we continuously emphasise the importance of diversity for sustainability. We help our clients from various industries by applying our expertise and appropriate tools. Our activities are aimed at achieving five goals of sustainable development – good health and well-being (COR 3), gender equality (COR 5), decent work and economic growth (COR 8), reduced inequalities (COR 10), partnerships for the goals (COR 17).

UN global compact

We are members of the UN Global Compact community

We are part of the Global Compact community dedicated to implementing the ten principles of accountable companies and delivering sustainable development goals. Our contribution is twofold – in addition to delivering sustainable development goals in our business, we actively work together with our clients to achieve the goals that matter to them. In doing so, we support the One Global Compact strategy implementation through the collective impact of business and enabling ecosystems for the sustainability of humanity and the planet.

UN global compact
UNICEF for every child

We support the work of UNICEF

We proudly support UNICEF’s activities in Croatia through active participation in the Advisory Committee on Children’s Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility. We participated in the first virtual Milky Way where we ran, walked and drove for children with disabilities. We truly believe that children are our most important work, and that is why we implement the UNICEF policies in our work to make organisations aware that they affect children’s rights in many ways, without even being aware of it. We also actively participate in the work of the CSR Academy on socially responsible businesses and children’s rights.


We recycle for the sustainability of the planet

One of our core values is environmental protection. We are committed to removing any negative effect on nature. We have been successfully implementing an internal recycling program for several years now, and we continue to do so because we believe that even small changes make a difference.

observatory višnjan

We support young people’s participation in science and technology

We are delighted to get involved in youth initiatives, with a special zeal for those aimed at bringing science closer to children and young people. We are a proud donor of the Višnjan Observatory, that along with its activities in the School of Astronomy organises scientific camps and summer schools for new generations of scientists. We also support the Girls who Code initiative to make it easier for today’s girls to find their place within the IT community. We encourage them to be leaders in the future development of technology.

Immunity in Community

Immunity in Community

To draw additional attention to the importance of the balance of family and professional life, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a series of online interviews with prominent professionals in the field of wellbeing. The pandemic has further affected women who bear most of the family burden. This program arose from a sense of professional responsibility and the need for support through the sharing of knowledge and experience in strengthening resilience and improving the mental and physical health for a better quality of life.

Immunity in Community
family farms

We support local family farms

„A healthy mind in a healthy body“ – And how to achieve this better than eating fresh food of domestic origin. In our office kitchen, you can always help yourself with fresh fruit, nuts and herbal teas from local family farms, whose work we happily support. In this way, we also contribute to the strengthening of sustainable agriculture, which will provide us with a healthy diet in the long run.

Engine of Change

Open Spotlight Award “Engine of Change” for promoting diversity

We won the Open Spotlight award in the “Engine of Change” category for the results and impact achieved by applying the MAMFORCE method in creating an open and supportive work environment that respects diversity. Diversity contributes to a better balance between private and business life, a better position of women in the workplace, and eventually to innovation and business productivity.

Engine of Change
wep award

We inspire young women

We are honoured to be finalists for the Leadership Award at the G7-EU Women’s Empowerment Principles #WEPsAward organised by UN Women and Global compact. We are especially flattered that we were chosen by a jury of young women with outstanding experience in the field of gender equality and women’s empowerment, following the criteria for which company they would like to work now or in the future.

Women in Adria award

We encourage entrepreneurship

MAMFORCE grew out of the challenges faced by our founder Diana Kobas Dešković as an entrepreneur, which brought our team the award for Micro Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 awarded by Women in Adria.

Women in Adria award
iedc award


The prestigious Generali Alumni Achievement Award, awarded by IEDC – Bled Business School, arrived in Croatia in 2016 and accepted by the winner Diana Kobas Dešković. The award embodies special recognition for outstanding individual achievement, leadership and community contribution, all of which is MAMFORCE, a globally unique innovative approach to family responsibility and gender equality that significantly changes the culture in the companies that adopted the change.


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