26 July 2019

Why companies should support parental leave for fathers and why every father should take it

Parental leave for fathers is still not a common practice and the statistics on its use are very low.


More active involvement of fathers in the upbringing of children and the equal division of family responsibilities also has a positive effect on the satisfaction of women who, in addition to performing their new parental role, must also prepare for returning to work. There are also positive effects for children – more active and involved fathers have a positive effect on the child’s cognitive, social and emotional development from the earliest days of life.

Parental leave for fathers has benefits even for companies – by taking care of the child on their own, fathers not only improve their parenting competencies but also acquire new skills such as multitasking, stress management and organizational skills that they can apply in their workplace. Not to mention how parental leave encourages loyalty and retention of the workforce. Companies as well as society need to encourage a greater frequency of parental leave use by fathers and allow them to spend more time with their children, for the benefit of all of us.



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