Industry Oil industry
Employees 10.700
INA Group – MAMFORCE Standard in GROW category

INA, d.d. is a European oil company with a leading role in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region. INA Group is comprised of several companies completely or partially owned by INA, d.d. INA was established on January 1, 1964. Apart from Croatia, INA has business operations in Angola and Egypt in the oil and gas exploration and production segment. INA manages a regional network of more than 500 service stations in Croatia and neighbouring countries. At the end of 2010, the modernization and revitalization of the retail network was initiated.

Industry Oil industry
Employees 10.700
  • Advancement of women in senior management
  • More flexibility for a better balance between private and business life
  • Successful development of new talents
  • Clear and transparent communication with employees

MAMFORCE Partnership

Revisions of the MAMFORCE standard have helped INA to transform itself into today’s equity-defined company. With many organizational improvements, in collaboration with the MAMFORCE team, several vital projects were launched from the very beginning for gaining WorkLife balance, diversity and inclusiveness and overall employee wellbeing – beneFIT, FORa, #EveryoneIsOK, The Change Code and #WeAreINA.

The BeneFIT intranet platform presents a wide range of benefits for INA employees. The platform includes 20 categories of benefits, including flexible working arrangements, parental, financial benefits, health-related activities – and the list goes on. INA cooperates with third parties to provide its employees with discounts and promotions via a special beneFIT card. Aspects covered by the benefits program include physical, intellectual, emotional, social, financial and professional wellbeing.
Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to the balance between private and business life, every employee can find something for themselves. Today, the beneFIT platform is one of the most visited intranet sites in the company, while the benefit utilization rate is steadily increasing. Another important project that resulted from a partnership with MAMFORCE is FORa – a system that allows employees to use flexible work arrangements transparently. This includes flexible working hours (Flexitime) and flexible work schedules (Flexiplace). These measures are immensely important for the balance between private and business life and career development for women.



99% of employees successfully maintain balance between private and business commitments


Total increase in women’s promotions by 43%

Employee experiences

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