26 April 2021

P&G Croatia is joining international MAMFORCE community of responsible employers

An increasing number of employers recognise the importance of caring for their employees through responsible, family friendly and gender balanced work conditions.

By joining us on the „WorkLife 4U“ project, Procter & Gamble is becoming a part of the MAMFORCE community of responsible employers. Through a series of different activities, the projects’ goal is to change the established expectations from women and men in the family and at work and at the same time raise awareness of the problems that young people face while trying to find a job and raise a family.

An audit that leads to the MAMFORCE standard evaluates existing business practices and examines the experience of employees to identify sources of unconscious biases that support stereotypical expectations about the gender roles of women and men. Measuring the status quo allows improvements necessary to create a family-friendly organisational culture of equity in which everyone can be successful regardless of their differences and life circumstances. This results in better productivity and innovation due to the positive impact of greater employee engagement and diversity of ideas due to gender balance and general diversity.

Head of the HR Department at P&G Croatia, Dina Baraković spoke about the reasons for joining the project:

“Partnering with Mamforce helps us review our HR processes to ensure we truly have an inclusive workplace for our working parents. We aspire to create a company where equality and inclusion are achievable for all and where respect and inclusion are the cornerstones of our culture. We are committed to doing the work to make this a reality and the MAMFORCE methodology supports us in objectively evaluating how successful we are in reaching this aspiration”.

Creator and author of the MAMFORCE method and project manager Diana Kobas Dešković said: “We are glad that P&G Croatia is also among the companies that are carrying out changes that, by changing working conditions and climate in their organisations, have a positive impact on the quality of life of their employees, but also cultural changes in the wider community.

The implementation of the project “WorkLife 4U – recreate life and work for men and women” is co-financed by the European Commission with the REC program (Rights, Equality and Citizenship). The project coordinator is the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy, and the partners are the Croatian Association of Counties and Spona Code company.

The value of the project is EUR 324,518.06, of which the European Commission participates with EUR 241,675.13. The project is active from June 1, 2020, to May 31, 2022.


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