16 November 2020

ICT Business: Company Spona Code awarded for promoting diversity

Spona Code received the Open Spotlight Award in the “Engine of Change” category for the results and impact achieved by applying the MAMFORCE method in efforts of trying to create open and supportive work environment that respects diversity and contributes to a better work-life balance, better position of women in workplace, as well as business innovation and productivity.
Business leaders from all over Europe gathered at an online conference that put a spotlight on questions of diversity and inclusion, in the workplace. Companies that have shown a great example of creating an open, diverse and inclusive work environment were awarded an Open Spotlight Award.This year’s OPEN conference is dedicated to the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable groups and on our way of life and work. The purpose is to show why it is still important to keep diversity and inclusion high on the list of business priorities, what can be done to foster diversity and inclusion in a crisis and how diverse teams with different perspectives can contribute to doing business in these difficult times.

An independent, expert jury evaluated companies and awarded the best ones in four categories: Engine of Change, Innovation through Diversity, Excellence in Belonging and We See You Here.

The award in the Engine of Change category in competition with British Telecommunications, Citi, HBLF and Tesco went to the Croatian consulting company Spona Code for the results and impact achieved by applying the MAMFORCE method in creating an open and supportive work environment that respects diversity and contributes to more balanced private and business life, the better position of women in the workplace, and at the same time innovation and productivity of the business.

MAMFORCE © is an innovative method of assessment and business certification that combines corporate responsibility towards the family and gender equality, implemented in 33 international organisations.

With the introduction of flexible work engagements, educations for both employees and management with the implementation of new policies and benefits for employees and their families, MAMFORCE companies have increased employee engagement rate, job satisfaction, work-life balance and equality of opportunity. The number of women at all levels of government has also increased. “Winning an international award in this competition is a sign that our eight years of work in creating a better work environment with results so far is a good indicator of what needs to be done to create a good job that respects family and private needs of employees while respecting diversity. companies are more productive and their employees happier. All this would not be possible without companies that dared to embark on this journey with us and which showed by their example that openness and courage are key to change”, said the author of the MAMFORCE method and director of Spona Code Diana Kobas Dešković.

So far, 27 organisations have earned MAMFORCE status, making them a responsible workplace with friendly practices for family and women. Among the responsible companies are A1, BKS Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Law firm Hanžeković and partners, and others.

INA Group, a MAMFORCE GROW company also won the award in the We See You Here category for the activities that the company directed towards employed dads through the project “Fathers friendly Company: Dads, We see You here!” method.



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