05 July 2021

Kaufland joined MAMFORCE international community of responsible employers

The coronavirus pandemic has brought major changes in business. Many companies have provided employees with a hybrid way of working, a combination of work in the workplace and from home, so many employees, despite the challenges of working from home, do not want to give up a model of work that allows them flexibility in the future.

Following inclusion of multinational corporation P&G Croatia, Zagorje Development Agency as a representative of the public sector and IT company Mobilisis, now Kaufland is becoming a member of MAMFORCE community of responsible employers. As a big international company, Kaufland has over 2,300 employees in Croatia, and in this very competitive trade industry, one of the biggest challenges is retaining employees and attracting new talent. As part of the “WorkLife4U” project, Kaufland is entering evaluation process of assessing and analyzing current business practices.

Companies participating in the project go through an evaluation of existing business practices, work conditions and employee satisfaction. The audit, which ultimately leads to the acquisition of the prestigious MAMFORCE standard, is conducted to identify sources of unconscious workplace bias that support stereotypical expectations about the gender roles of women and men. Evaluation of the current situation allows for improvements to create an organizational culture of equity in which everyone can be successful regardless of differences and life circumstances. Companies that go through an audit and gain the MAMFORCE standard have better productivity and a higher degree of employee innovation due to the positive impact of greater engagement and diversity of ideas thanks to better gender balance and general diversity.

Dunja Firšt, Human Resources Director, commented on company’s interest in joining the project and achieving the MAMFORCE standard.

“Our employees are the focus of our activities and therefore we are continuously working on creating a work environment in which everyone will feel comfortable and satisfied. Through various initiatives, benefits and equal opportunities for all of our employees, we create additional value to the company, attract and retain talents. We are involved in the MAMFORCE audit process with the aim of obtaining independent confirmation of progress and success in implementing a family-responsible and gender-aware human resources management policy“.

“It is extremely important that responsible management practices are also developed in the trade sector, which employs a large number of people. We are pleased that Kaufland, as a large employer, has decided to join the MAMFORCE community to gain certification for its good practices and develop new ones for the benefit of its employees and productive business. It is also important to influence the development of the sector, which employs a significant number of young people who are in their years of starting a family”, said the author of MAMFORCE standard, Dianna K. Deskovic.

The goal of the project “WorkLife4U” is to reduce the impact of stereotypes about male and female roles at work, in the family and in society, and to facilitate the reconciliation of business and family obligations.

The implementation of the project is co-financed by the European Commission through the REC program (Rights, Equality and Citizenship). The project coordinator is the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy, and the partners are the Croatian Association of Counties and Spona Code.







Should you wish to learn more about the MAMFORCE certification process, get in touch. We are looking forward to helping you develop your own employer brand.

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