Master the skill of active listening and questioning. This program will allow you to communicate effectively and assertively and boos tour confidence in communicating with others. Participants will learn how to present a strong professional image of themselves and gain confidence to manage conflicts.

What is it about?

As a key employee in your organization, you spend most of your time communicating with others – customers, colleagues and other members of the management team, as well as suppliers. Actually with a whole bunch of people. Successful handling of all these interactions is essential to doing your job efficiently. This half-day seminar will allow participants to understand the power of communication and its impact on the success of organizations, and to choose the right method and approach for specific organizations.

What will you learn?

  1. Analysing behaviour – where it comes from
  2. The influence of personal style on communication
  3. Conflict management through choosing the right strategy
  4. Successful presentation and “persuasion”
  5. Meeting dynamics
  6. Personal style and behaviour
  7. In depth communication


Benefits of participation

The participants will: 

  • Gain a thorough knowledge of all components of successful interpersonal communication
  • Develop an awareness of personality and communication style
  • Get feedback on how other people see them, to allow them to choose a different style and approach when needed
  • Practice active listening and questioning skills; giving and receiving feedback
  • Significantly improve confidence and ability to manage conflicts and difficult situations
  • Increase the range of assertive skills
  • Develop a strong professional and credible image that creates the trust of others in you



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