08 March 2019

International Women’s Day

HRT (Croatian National Television), Tema dana, 8th of March 2019

Croatian National Television prime time program “Tema dana” was dedicated to women. Diana Kobas Deskovic, CEO of MAMFORCE spoke about the lack of awareness regarding the problem of gender inequality, along with the lack of willingness to deal with the problem. Pregnancy and motherhood are big obstacles for women because of job insecurity and a lack of flexible working hours schemes. There are not enough women in management. Furthermore, women are poorly represented in the media, especially when talking about economic and political subjects.

What we need are balanced panel discussions with an equal number of men and women, as well as including men in dealing with the gender inequality problem. We need education, free of stereotypes that usually make women choose “female jobs”. Lastly, one of the biggest problems today is violence against women.

Read more and watch the program here (in Croatian).


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