Industry Public Administration
Employees 21
Zagorje Development Agency – MAMFORCE standard in BASIC category

Zagorje Development Agency was founded in 2018, but its roots go back to 1998 when the first center for entrepreneurship was established in Krapina-Zagorje County. The Zagorje Development Agency employs 21 people, of which 2 are male employees and 19 are female employees. In its operations, the Zagorje Development Agency provides services respecting high standards of business ethics, promoting transparency in its operations, and encouraging the development of a high degree of personal responsibility for each employee. The agency is strongly committed to nurturing an inclusive work environment that accepts and learns from the different perspectives and experiences of all employees and recognizes and celebrates the differences that make it stronger as a business and brand.

Industry Public Administration
Employees 21
  • Technological monitoring of employee achievements according to pre-defined criteria
  • Strengthen communication skills and feedback
  • Emphasizing support measures for work-life balance
  • Internal flexibility policies and procedures
  • Ordinance on the system of rewarding employees
  • Provide all employees the use of an electric bicycle
  • Employee education plan on an annual basis
  • Strengthen policies to respect, support, and promote diversity

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