Industry IT
Employees 106
VERSO ALTIMA – MAMFORCE Standard in LEAD category

Verso Altima Group is internationally recognized in the software and networking business, IoT and digital transformation. The organization bases its actions on 4 pillars of growth: people, collaboration, trust and purpose. In this regard, the organizational climate is characterized by open communication and collegiality at all levels. The company is actively working to support the WorkLife balance of all employees, thus achieving their engagement at work. The organization also stands out with imitative management that enjoys high trust from employees.

Industry IT
Employees 106
  • Lack of talent in the local market
  • Employee retention
  • Increasing the share of women at higher management levels
  • Enabling additional flexibility



Organized education on health and balance of body@work with all employees and successful management of meetings for all leaders.


Introduction of support guidelines after a long absence from work.


The needs of employees are systematically examined for the necessary support programs


Employee Benefits Program is introduced – Verso Altima Benefit packages


Flexible working programs introduced: Flexi Place & Flexi Time.


Equal opportunity program – promoting and supporting equal opportunities within the workplace.

Employee experiences