Industry Detergent-toilet Industry
Employees 746
Saponia – MAMFORCE standard in BASIC category

Saponia is a company with a tradition that began in 1894. Today, Saponia is one of the largest chemical industries in the Adria region with the mission of daily improvement of living by developing a culture of cleanliness and health as a lifestyle. Most of the brands are at the very top of their categories, which is the result of continuous work on innovating existing and developing new products, harmonizing with market requirements and lifestyle changes. Fair business, safe working conditions, employee education, equality and equal pay, and respect for human rights are just some of the values ​​and topics that are at the heart of the company. Saponia continuously implements activities that contribute to the goals of sustainable development and wants to be a positive example for the environment. Great attention is paid to cooperation with the community in which it operates and compliance with the UN sustainability goals is continuously improved.

Saponia is a company that strives for excellence in all business segments through systematic improvement and modernization of technical and technological processes. With the support of all employees, it strives to maintain high competitiveness and long-term business sustainability in accordance with global trends and to create a portfolio of top-quality products with the aim of creating new values.

Industry Detergent-toilet Industry
Employees 746
  • a better balance between the private and business spheres of employees
  • increasing employee satisfaction
  • greater flexibility for employees
  • strengthening the employer brand
  • attracting young, new talents

MAMFORCE Partnership

We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation so far and believe that the MAMFORCE team will help us improve business practices, motivate employees and at the same time confirm the correctness of the path we have taken with the goal of being the employer of the first choice in the region – a company where all employees feel at home.

– Zdravko Pavic, Director of Legal Affairs and Human Resources Management

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