Industry Consumer goods
Employees 50
P&G Croatia – MAMFORCE Standard in LEAD category

P&G Croatia is a part of the American multinational corporation Procter & Gamble owning over 250 FMCG brands (Always, Pampers, Pantene, Oral-B, etc.), and catering for over 5 billion consumers in 180 countries. The rate of market capitalization puts Procter & Gamble among 15 most successful companies in the world, with the annual turnover of some 40 billion USD.

Industry Consumer goods
Employees 50
  • Supporting women leadership
  • Expanding the offer of personalised benefits
  • Improving managerial competencies
  • Further development of direct and indirect communication channels

MAMFORCE Partnership

The analysis of the data collected during certification for MAMFORCE standard has shown that there are a number of local activities that could further enhance the company’s standing as an equality and inclusion leader.  Through re-evaluation and consequent improvements in the series of long-standing benefits, such as paternal leave, financial bonuses for newborns, extra sick leave coverage, co-financing Christmas gifts for children, workshops and children shows, the quality of employee experience has been elevated (+7%), talent management was made more effective, number of sick days has been reduced, and over 90% of employees would recommend Procter & Gamble as a good place to work for both women and men: for instance, motherhood is not seen as an obstacle to promotion in the company. Management competencies and support to female leadership have been increased by 10%. All employees share the view that P&G respects and embody diversity.



Better Inclusive Leadership 10%


Better Collaboration 12%


Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy
Croatian County Association
Spona Code
The implementation of the project is co-financed by the European Commission through the REC (Rights, Equality and Citizenship) program.
This information was published as part of the EU project “Redefine Work-Life for Women and Men” with the financial support of the European Union Program “Rights, Equality and Citizenship” (2014-2020). Spona Code is solely responsible for the content of this website. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for how the information on this website will be used.

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