Industry Energetics
Employees 400
Adriatic oil pipeline – MAMFORCE Standard in CHANGE category

ADRIATIC OIL PIPELINE, a joint-stock company (JANAF), based in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, manages the oil pipeline storage system as a modern, efficient and economical system of transport and storage of crude oil and petroleum products. With the construction and commissioning of the oil pipeline system (1979), JANAF became a strategically important factor in the security of refinery supply in six countries of Southeast and Central Europe and today is recognized as a strategic oil pipeline of the European Union through a project of common interest (PCI). -Adria. In addition to oil transportation, JANAF’s core activities include the storage of oil and petroleum products.

As a socially responsible employer, through human resources management strategy, promotes policies that support and raise awareness of gender equality and enable flexible working arrangements.

Industry Energetics
Employees 400
  • Consistent implementation of the performance appraisal and promotion system as a precondition for enabling a greater degree of working time flexibility
  • Educating management about the importance of transparent communication
  • Systematic implementation of research on organizational climate and culture
  • Expansion of flexible working arrangements



More than 2/3 of employees are extremely satisfied with company as a work environment


More than 4/5 of employees believe they can arrange being absent from work due to private needs without any hesitation

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