Industry Telecomunications
Employees 202
Iskon Internet – MAMFORCE Standard in BASIC category

Iskon Internet employs 202 people, of which 112 are male employees and 90 are female employees. The organizational culture of the company is characterized by open communication and highly developed peer support among employees. Through various measures, the company provides its employees with opportunities to reconcile private and business life. This primarily involves various forms of flexible work arrangements. Employed parents are allowed to use days off for certain childcare needs and are guaranteed the right to additional days off. In addition, Iskon takes care of respecting the private time of employees, and a program of introduction to work and getting to know the company is provided for new employees.

Industry Telecomunications
Employees 202
  • Increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Building a family friendly and responsible business of the company
  • Unification of organizational culture in the company
  • More efficient internal communication
  • Strengthening collegiality
  • Supporting WorkLife balance of all employees
  • Improving the health of employees


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