Industry Dental Tourism
Employees 57
Implant Centre Martinko – MAMFORCE standard in BASIC category

Implant center Martinko, immediately after its establishment in 2010, differentiated itself from companies dealing with dental work and began to develop a new business model aimed at patients from Europe and the whole world.

Behind the name Implant Center Martinko stand about twenty highly educated doctors and other medical staff, and another 37 experts in the fields of sales and marketing, customer care, logistics and finance, and human resources, who are responsible for the flawless functioning of every aspect of dental tourism.

Today, the ICM Group operates on 2 markets, Croatian and Italian, thereby ensuring fast and quality service primarily to Italian patients who have the option of either using the services of local surgeries in Milan and Trieste or traveling to Zagreb for more demanding dental procedures.

All this is possible thanks to the continuous investment in knowledge and education of both medical and non-medical experts, a positive and supportive atmosphere, mentoring programs, and education, which results in successful cooperation with patients from all over the world who have recognized Implant Center Martinko as their partner for more than ten years. on the way to better health.

Industry Dental Tourism
Employees 57
  • Strengthen internal communication
  • Improve the company’s reputation as an employer
  • To attract talent for positions that are difficult to fill
  • Build equal and equal working conditions for all employees
  • Encourage employee engagement and turn them into company ambassadors

MAMFORCE Partnership

By cooperating with the MAMFORCE team, we wanted to get closer to positive global practices related to internal communications and human resources management. In just half a year of cooperation, we structured existing good practices and gained a clearer insight into further activities that we have already started working on.

Thanks to this cooperation, we are sure that we are becoming not only a desirable employer for new employees but also a true partner for existing ones.

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