Industry Dental Tourism
Employees 59
Implant Centre Martinko – MAMFORCE standard in GROW category

Implant Centre Martinko Group, (ICM Group) is one of the pioneers of dental tourism in Croatia. From the very start, they have focused on clients from Europe, mostly from Italy and Croatia, but also from around the world. The team consists of some twenty dentists, and thirty experts of other professional profiles. Over 70% of them are women. The company has dental offices in Milano, Trieste, and in Zagreb, where the most complex dental interventions are performed.

Industry Dental Tourism
Employees 59
  • Strengthen internal communication
  • Improve the company’s reputation as an employer
  • To attract talent for positions that are difficult to fill
  • Build equal and equal working conditions for all employees
  • Encourage employee engagement and turn them into company ambassadors
Our collaboration with Spona Code was motivated by our desire to bring our processes in line with the advanced international best practice in the areas of internal communication and human resource management. We have structured the existing processes, and introduced the activities that we identified as necessary through the collaboration with the MAMFORCE team. We improved the internal communication, reinforced the individual approach to employees, introduced new processes and the culture based on dialogue, equality, understanding, and responsibility for what we do, and how we do it. Due to this collaboration, we are certainly becoming not only an employer, but also a partner to our employees.
Nadja Schaps Horvat, President of the Board

MAMFORCE Partnership

In the process of MAMFORCE certification, Implant Centre Martinko increased annual leave, reduced daily working hours from 8 to 7, increased paternal leave, and reinstated gifts for newborns in the amount of 500 EUR per child. Parents who are in the process of returning from parental leave are now given two weeks of grace, where they work half-time with no reduction in salary, and receive a monetary award as a part of the welcome-back package. The number of fully paid sick days has been increased, and assistance is being made available to staff members facing the death of a family member. The communication between teams has been improved through the introduction of regular team leaders’ meetings, where feedback is freely given and accepted. The company provides opportunities for professional education, especially those that the employees themselves show an interest in. On the completion of the MAMFORCE certification process, the Dental Centre Martinko had structured business processes in place, covering areas from selection and onboarding, to mentoring of new employees. These improvements resulted in the company’s increased reputation as the employer of choice, and in the staff’s becoming company’s ambassadors: 90% of employees would recommend Martinko as a good place to work, would recommend it as a good place to work for women, and 95% believe that gender does not represent an obstacle to employment at Martinko.

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Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy
Croatian County Association
Spona Code
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