Industry Non-profit organization
Employees 40
HUP – MAMFORCE Standard in BASIC category

HUP (Croatian Employers’ Association) is a voluntary, non-profit and independent association of employers that protects and promotes the rights and interests of its members and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial rights and freedoms. HUP employs 40 people, of which 85 per cent are women and 15 per cent are men. In a dynamic environment, responsible work organization enables regular working hours, which actively promotes the importance of balancing the private and business lives of employees. The culture of mutual collegial support is nurtured with the possibility of performing private obligations during working hours. Strategic guidelines and internal regulations ensure the equality of all employees.

Industry Non-profit organization
Employees 40
  • Develop a strategy for reconciling private and business life
  • Enabling personalized introduction to work after a long absence
  • Adjusting the holding of meetings to further support the practice of reconciling private and business life
  • Organizing a family day for employees and their family members
  • Introducing Healthy Eating Week as an initiative that promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Actively informing existing and new employees about all the benefits that the company provides them
  • Implementing a leadership management program
  • Standardizing promotion criteria

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