Industry Energetics
Employees 14.197
HEP Group – MAMFORCE Standard in CHANGE category

HEP Group is a national energy company, which has been producing, distributing and supplying electricity for more than a century, and in the last few decades also distributing and supplying customers with thermal energy and natural gas. The company’s vision is to be a regional energy leader that, in cooperation with domestic and international institutions and companies, will develop technological opportunities, competitive advantages and innovative business models focused on the future needs of customers. It also places an important emphasis on encouraging the continuous improvement of employee competence and innovation, and the effective management of knowledge at the corporate level.


Industry Energetics
Employees 14.197
  • Developing a culture of flexible working arrangements
  • Introducing annual targets for career development programs, especially for women
  • Introducing a performance appraisal process to facilitate talent recognition and advancement
  • Developing a policy of efficient WorkLife balance



The existing benefits were positively recognized by 65% ​​of employees


78% of employees positively evaluate the responsible management of the company

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