Industry Finance
Employees 370
HBOR – MAMFORCE Standard in CHANGE category

HBOR is a development and export bank of the Republic of Croatia whose main task is to stimulate the development of the Croatian economy. By lending, insuring exports against political and commercial risks, issuing guarantees and business consulting, HBOR builds bridges between entrepreneurial ideas and their achievements to strengthen the competitiveness of the Croatian economy. It was founded on June 12, 1992. The founder and 100% owner of HBOR is the Republic of Croatia. Through its operations, HBOR encourages systematic, sustainable and balanced economic and social development.

Industry Finance
Employees 370
  • Introduction of a career development program for talents with gender awareness
  • In-depth analysis of the structure of employees to identify obstacles to the balanced representation of women and men at all levels
  • Developing and further nurturing an organizational culture that promotes the importance of work-life balance
  • Proactive and regular information about all the benefits that the organization provides to employees



80% of employees see HBOR’s management responsible


Investment in the development of management and employees is perceived positively in 100% of cases


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