Industry Finance
Employees 33
Fiducia – MAMFORCE Standard in GROW category

Fiducia is an accounting company with 30 years of business. The company employs 33 people, 18% men and 82% women. Organizational culture is characterized by an extremely good, friendly atmosphere, open communication and peer support. Good work organization and various measures enable the harmonization of the private and business life of employees, and a friendly and supportive environment is encouraged by regular team workshops. In addition to the WorkLife balance, employees are satisfied with the amount of independence they have in performing work tasks, provided benefits, development opportunities and equal opportunities for all employees.

Industry Finance
Employees 33
  • Development of onboarding programs for new employees
  • Development and publication of transparent criteria for promotion
  • Development and introduction of internal guidelines for meetings that will ensure effectiveness
  • Surveying satisfaction with current benefits

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