Industry Finance
Employees 996
BKS Bank AG – MAMFORCE standard in GROW category

BKS Bank, headquartered in Klagenfurt, Austria, employs around 1,100 people and operates banking and leasing operations in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia. The company has the MAMFORCE GROW Standard since 2018. They have gone through two MAMFORCE assessment cycles and have implemented many new measures that facilitate work-life balance and workplace equity.

Industry Finance
Employees 996
  • More efficient management performance
  • Better support of WorkLife balance for employees
  • Higher share of women in leading positions
  • Development of managerial competencies

MAMFORCE Partnership

In close cooperation with the MAMFORCE team, the management of BKS Bank recognized the lack of female experts in their ranks. The data showed a systemic issue of unconscious bias, a significant barrier to employment and professional development of female employees. In response to the need for a systematic approach to gender equality, BKS Bank’s top management sponsored an unconscious bias training organized by the MAMFORCE team.

The Bank’s management has decided to strengthen its commitment to combating workplace bias by redesigning recruitment and promotion policies and procedures to make them gender sensitive. The Bank continues to monitor diversity indicators. Since the completion of the MAMFORCE assessment, the Bank has paid special attention to the development of women’s talent.

The bank began to organize an annual family day to introduce children to the professional life of their parents, and to become a family-friendly employer. As a result, the Bank is truly fulfilling its commitment to support working parents – for each newborn child, its employees receive maximum parental compensation and a gift, and during the school summer holidays, the Bank subsidizes summer camps and other activities for the employees’ children.




The share of women managers increased from 16% to 30%


Women’s promotion rate increased from 0% to 50%


Support programs for working parents have been introduced


Financial support is assured for parents for with newborns

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