MERGE – Diverse procurement network

Gender balanced and conscious business, gender responsible and inclusive supply chains.

According to research by the World Economic Forum, there is a positive correlation between gender equality and the level of competitiveness of an individual country, GDP per capita and position in the Human Development Index.

One of the primary UN goals for sustainable development to progress and improve society in the next 15 years is to achieve gender equality while empowering women and girls.

The links between gender equality and the empowerment of women and economic development are widely recognized. The task of society is to provide women with equal opportunities for career development and progress with the purpose of economic empowerment that entrepreneurship offers to all.

Gender inequality in entrepreneurship is present in all parts of the world and is the result of many obstacles and unequal conditions and opportunities based on gender stereotypes and gender inequalities. The UN guide on gender-responsive procurement points out that 1/3 of all companies are owned by women, but of the total amount spent on suppliers, barely 1% goes to women’s companies.

Developing women’s entrepreneurship through responsible procurement is a significant step towards reducing the gender gap in entrepreneurship, while also benefiting suppliers. Women-owned companies contribute significantly to the world economy, creating millions of jobs and fostering development. But their full potential is largely neglected or underused.


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The purpose of this project is to create platforms that encourage the development of women-owned companies and highlight the stories of successful women and acknowledge their contribution to help women empower and raise awareness of their ambitions.

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