Mentor2be – mentor education program

Due to the recognised benefits, we conduct our mentoring programs in companies to transfer experience and knowledge. Mentoring speeds up the development process, increases productivity and employee satisfaction, and reduces departure rates. The rate of internal promotions also tends to increase. Mentoring has proven to encourage comprehensive learning and personal development both for mentees and mentors.

Mentors have the opportunity to transfer experience to their younger colleagues, which allows them to be recognised as teachers in addition to the role of the leader in their organisation. Mentors also learn from their mentees and gain insight into the way of thinking of the younger generation. For the mentees, their mentor can be a source of stability and support in meeting new business challenges as well as a significant source of knowledge and existing good practices in the relevant professional field.

Furthermore, a mentor is someone from whom mentees can get relevant feedback on new ideas without fear of negative consequences.

The purpose of the program

Defining and clarifying the role of a mentor with special emphasis on the women’s mentoring approach. Providing concrete and practical advice and skills to be able to support your mentee through a mentoring relationship:

  • Exercises to help you clarify your role as a mentor
  • Questions you could ask your mentee
  • Tips and suggestions that you can use at any time during a mentoring relationship

Education timeline

The training is scheduled to take place in two half-day terms, and we are also preparing an online format of learning. If you want to be the first to receive the latest information and discounts, sign up below for our VIP mailing list.

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