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DEFINE YOUR WHY – vision, purpose, key values

Companies are like people. Each has its own personality. Leaders create this personality through purpose, core values, mission and vision, which they pass on to others and thus influence the behaviour of other people inside and outside organisations. These “personalities” of the organisation influence the process of market positioning and reflect the idealistic motivation of employees. Therefore, it is extremely important to define them in the early stages of development because they later determine the reputation and acceptance of the organisation in the market and guarantee the so-called work permit.

Why does a company exist? (main purpose and mission)

This should exceed pure financial reasons. The answer may be adventurous and may reflect some idealistic views of the company’s aspirations.

What do we stand for? (core values)

By what behaviour do we want to be recognised?

What do we want to become? (a vision that can be changeable)

Leading an organisation is like traveling in nature – we encounter a series of deviations, we face new horizons and constant climate change. Vision is the final state you have imagined – the place where you want to be – the place that is available but still a challenge.

Let us help you with the WHY of developing your business.

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