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DARINGLY HER – leadership program

A program for every woman who wants to develop her full potential and move unhindered towards the realisation of her hidden dreams and big plans.

The problem that different women face is that they believe that working a lot is reserved for “big players”, and they generally don’t see themselves in it.

Women do not dare to think much – our goal is to change that.


The skills and tools the program offers are easily mastered and effective for different profiles of women because they offer a foundation for development, a personal, internal tool to work and think big:

  • How to determine what change and a particular, big goal means to you, in this specific period of life
  • How to silence doubt and fear
  • How to detach yourself from praise and criticism and do your best to accomplish something truly revolutionary
  • How to confidently approach your inner wisdom and figure out the right answers for yourself
  • How to communicate powerfully and classily
  • How to approach the concern that you are not qualified enough, professional enough, or “ready” to do what you long for
  • How to think and work great while caring for others (children, the elderly, friends …)




INCREASED EFFICIENCY – alumni of the program make better use of their own strengths, speak more often and take more initiative

CREATIVE INNOVATIONS – participants present their own ideas and questions more confidently and more often

SOURCE OF READY TALENTS women who work and think big are looking for an increase in responsibility and are considered ready for it; they are engaged, contribute strongly, and improve.

GREATER RETENTION AND ENGAGEMENT – when women share their own thoughts and manage their fears and doubts, work is less stressful and much more meaningful

STRONG NETWORKING AND MUTUAL MENTORING – women who participate in the program together use a common vocabulary of mentoring success criteria conversations, while mutually supporting each other and boldly passing on tools to employees they mentor and manage.

Why is this program a good investment of the company in its female employees?

Women are the biggest untapped source of talent in the world”
Hillary Clinton

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